Educational pamphlet – Uncle Tibor answers. Where do little babies come from? Young people often ask this question. But it’s no secret at all. The little babies come from… Horst Kaluppke’s workshop in Oer-Erkenschwick. There they are still made entirely by hand. Every summer, Horst collects the carcasses of roadkill animals. Only in the summer, so they stink a bit. Then they are gutted and cooked white and goo-soft. The head and tail are cut off, the torso is filled with black pudding and connected to a car battery for two hours. Horst then gives the whole thing a face with a balloon he has painted himself. He then sold you for 7.50 marks. And if you’re not good, your parents will exchange you and you’ll have to do Horst’s will for the rest of your life.

(Erschienen / pubilshed in „Glöcklein der Albernheit“, Bd. 2)