Aus meinem Archiv (3)

Vor gut und gerne 25 Jahren entstanden, als ich noch Steinmetz war und nicht jeden Abend in der Kneipe meinen Frust in Bier ertränken konnte. Also hab ich halt solchen Blödsinn gemacht.

From my archive – Clumsy, Corpse & Club. What had happened so far: Off the coast of Tahiti, Admiral John Garlic (the presidential brother-in-law) had been hit by a heavy storm. Only with difficulty his brave crew could persuade him to board a lifeboat. When the proud Mary-Ann Brunswick finally sank into the flood, even the admiral had to crush so many tears. – Meanwhile: what am I doing? Is there a deeper meaning in that? Is it indifference? Things just happen. It’s so hard to really have control. Maybe someone wants to say something? „Go home and wash yourself.“ „Yeah!“
(Created about 25 years ago, when I was still a stonemason and could not drown my frustration in beer in the pub every evening. So I just fabricated such nonsense)