Aus meinem Archiv (4)

Leider habe ich damals in den 90ern nicht mehr aus diesen Figuren gemacht. Ein paar Skizzen gibt es noch. Vielleicht zeichne ich sie irgendwann mal fertig.

From my archive – What happened so far: On Christmas Eve of 1954, a mysterious letter was delivered to Professor Sartorius (the brother-in-law of the President) by an likewise mysterious messenger. Two days later, Lady Bridget Baloney disappeared without a trace. Sartorius was forced to intervene. Would his opponents reveal themselves this time? – Soon after: One evening Clumsy found a book. She showed it to her friends Corpse and Clubfoot. Both were very happy. Clumsy shared her enthusiasm. (Unfortunately, I did not work out those characters back in the 90s, there are some sketches left, maybe I’ll finish them someday.)