Aus meinem Archiv (2)

Vermutlich irgendwann in den 90ern als Geschenk entstanden, aber ich weiß leider nicht mehr für wen. Hinweise nimmt jedes Reisebüro entgegen.

From my archive – Shadows are everywhere. Big ones, little ones. Every shit has one. And every fart. Only shadows have none. Some shadows have to stay awake at night. This one for example. The nose shadow of Mr. M. – Mr. M. never leaves his lantern. During the day Mr. M. is sleeping, but his nose shadow never sleeps! How he wishes to see the sun once. But the nose always gets in his way. In the evening Mr. M. has got a problem. A prosthesis helps. Mr. M. spends a quiet evening, while his nose shadow enjoys himself.
(Probably originated sometime in the 90s as a gift, but unfortunately I do not remember who I did it for.)